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Froggy Price Negotiator

Froggy Price Negotiator opens new horizons in the daily struggle to increase your conversion rate!
Indeed, thanks to this module, you can allow customers reluctant to buy, to negotiate the price of certain products.

Presentation Froggy Price Negotiator

Froggy Price Negotiator price allows you to set a minimum selling price for each of your products. It is also possible to configure a reduction percentage for negotiation for all your products.
The module then uses this margin to leave room for negotiation with customers. On the product pages on which a minimum sell price has been set, the module Froggy Price Negotiator will show a button. By clicking on it, it will open a window for interaction with your customer. It will then be able to indicate the amount he is willing to pay to acquire the product. He can see the chances of successful negotiation with a bar graph.

Once the negotiation accepted, the prospective customer must enter his e-mail to receive by e-mail the offer made to him. The offer is valid for 24 hours. The product and a voucher corresponding to the negotiation are added to cart.

Froggy Price Negotiator module for PrestaShop is fully configurable, you can choose to exclude some products categories of price negotiation. You can also manage the compatibility with coupons, products promotions, ...

For Froggy Price Negotiator integrates the best in your shop, the module offers many style options. You can choose the appearance of the button that will bring up the window of negotiation, the style of the pop-in ...

This concept has already been tested by some great shops but is not widespread, making your shop really innovative, do not hesitate!

Video presentation

PrestaShop compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

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