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Froggy Cart to Order

Froggy Cart To Order is a module which permits, in a few clicks, to convert a cart of one of your customer into an order. It is now very easy to help your customers to finish their order with this tool. Moreover, it happens sometimes that payment modules were not able to register an order (even if the payment was done). For example: if your shop has been unavailable for a short period, or due to a technical problem on the side of the payment platform. This module will allow you to fix that kind of issue.

Presentation Froggy Cart to Order

Who never received a call from a customer who is not able to complete an order? Who never had a cart problem that has not been converted into order?
It is now possible to help your customers with this module which allows you to convert carts into orders.

This module allows you to easily find the carts of your customers by selecting it in the list of the last 50 carts or filling up the customer e-mail and select one of the associated cart.

From there, you will be able to specify the payment method you wish to be displayed on the order and to choose the order status with those configured in your shop: Awaiting cheque payment, Awaiting bankwire payment, Payment accepted ...

Once converted into order, your customer will receive an order confirmation e-mail, as well as those related to the order status as if he had finalized the order himself.

This module performs the conversion operation using the natives functions of PrestaShop. It is perfectly compliant with the different versions of the software.

Beware, the payment method name is only used for display, no payment will be automatically made, you’ll have to handle this part directly with the customer.

Module features

  • Search carts among the last 50 orders
  • Search associated to a customer e-mail address
  • Choose the payment method displayed
  • Choose the order status for the validation
  • Send confirmation e-mail
  • Converting cart into order

PrestaShop compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

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