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Froggy Advanced Toolbar

Froggy Advanced Toolbar is an evolution of one of our free PrestaShop module available on the Froggy Commerce website. This advanced version adds many features to a module already widely used by administrators PrestaShop e-commerce sites.
This module has been rated as favorites by PrestaShop after the PrestaShop Awards 2015.

Presentation Froggy Advanced Toolbar

We no longer need to introduce Froggy Toolbar, our module who help many merchants in the administration of their PrestaShop. This module now operates in an advanced version with many additional features.

Froggy Advanced Toolbar module for PrestaShop works in the same way. Once connected to your back office, a toolbar will appear and help you to administrate your website while browsing your Front Office. In the manner of the Wordpress toolbar, this comprehensive tool will bring you a lot of information and shortcuts to make you save time in the administration of your PrestaShop website.

Module administration shortcuts, debug mode, module translation shortcuts, custom links creations... the list of new features is long compared to our free PrestaShop module.

You can discover our module with the available demo or through the video presentation that will deliver key information.

Features :

- Links to the most important pages of your Back Office: the most used administration pages are just a click away!

- Edit page links: With this module you can manage the Front Office page your are browsing in one click.

- Debug mode Froggy Advanced Toolbar: This mode allows you to highlight the modules displayed in the current page and administrate them. You can retrieve information such as the names of the modules, location of the displayed template, links to the modules configuration, links to the translation of the modules ...

- Fields of research: You can search in your Back Office from your Front Office.

Video presentation

PrestaShop compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

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