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Froggy Commentaires Facebook

Froggy Facebook Comment is a module implementing a feedback system using the famous social network Facebook.

In only a few clicks, your visitors will be easily able to write reviews on your products using their Facebook account but also Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, ...

It also offers your vistors to share their products comments on their wall, and thereby promote your store and its products.

Presentation Froggy Facebook Comment

Everyone will tell you, customers products reviews are high value for the presentation of your products. Who better than a customer can persuade a future customer?
For this reason it is recommended to install an effective commenting products system.

We therefore offer this module based on the famous social network Facebook. It will allow your visitors to comment on your products in an easy way. The strength of this system is that it provides your visitors to post their comments also on their Facebook profile. A perfect way to highlight your shop and products without any action on your side.

Not to mention that your visitors will be able to "Like" the comments, thereby allowing, to highlight those that are most relevant.

You will be notified directly via Facebook notifications when a new comment is posted. You can then respond, if necessary, quickly to your visitor. In addition, you can easily moderate the comments either by the Facebook website interface or directly on the product pages.

This module will fit perfectly in your shop since it’s fully configurable in the PrestaShop admininistration panel. So you can customize: color, size, number of comments posted and much more.

Module features

  • Adding a comment system on the product pages
  • Comments moderation via Facebook or the product pages
  • Facebook Notification upon receiving a new comment
  • Facebook Notification to customers receiving a response to their comment
  • Allow customers to share their comments on their wall
  • Ability to post a comment for Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail users …
  • Visitors can "Like" comments
  • Visitors can reply to comments
  • Configure the size of the comment box
  • Color Setup
  • Ability to hide the comment box from the non customers
  • Display the number of comments (or not)
  • Setting the number of comments to display

PrestaShop compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

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